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Be 40 But Look, Feel, Act and Move Like You’re 20!

Roger Haeske on his 41st birthday, June 24, 2008

The Above Picture of Roger Haeske on his 41st Birthday
(The 41 Year Old Teenager)
Taken June 24, 2008.

Roger Haeske June 6, 2007

Perma-Youth, Radiant Health & Fitness Expert Roger Haeske.

Taken June 6, 2007 just 18 days before his 40th birthday.

June 6, 2007

Do you know anyone who’s actually looking forward to their 40th birthday? I remember when it was my 25th birthday and I was upset at getting older. The loss of my youth.

But in actuality I haven’t lost much if anything at all. I even have all of my hair. I’ll be turning forty later this month and I feel much better than I did at twenty years old.

This year I’m looking forward to my birthday, I’ll be able to brag that I’m forty but that I look and feel more like a twenty year old.

Sure I have a few superficial signs of aging, I even have some grey hairs. But I still feel like I’m in college. My body does what I want it to do. Athletically I can and do compete with high school and college students and usually win.

When I was 27 years old I was already like an old man. I actually started getting arthritis. I was also in the midst of deep depression that ruined my life for 6.5 years.

But all of that has changed and today I’ll share with you the things that have been crucial to me staying young in body and mind.

I have achieved what I call Perma-Youth. In fact, overall I'm in much better shape fitness, biological age and happiness wise than I was at 20 years old. In fact, I run faster now than I did when I was on my college tennis team at Rutgers University.

1. I eat a Raw Food Diet

This is by far the most important aspect in terms of staying physically young. Eating what most Americans or Westerners eat will age you incredibly fast. Cooked food is so toxic to the body. If you want to get old fast, then make sure to eat plenty of cooked food, drink, smoke and take drugs. This is the super highway to decrepit old age.

I remember one time where I cheated and ate cooked food for just an afternoon and evening. The next day I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror. I had huge bags under my eyes and overall my facial appearance was quite different and displeasing to me.

Eating raw fruits, vegetables and limited quantities of nuts and seeds will actually give you a whole body lift. Your skin actually gets tighter. Those ugly bags under your eyes go away.

One of the best parts of eating raw foods is that you wake up feeling great every day. You get this natural high. I call it happiness from the cellular level.

There’s no need to try to be happy, you automatically are. If you are having depression then I highly suggest you go on a raw food diet. My depression of 6.5 years ended on the first day I started eating raw foods. And that was only about 50% of the food I was eating, but it was enough to get me out of it.

Of course, the higher the percentage of raw foods I ate, the better I felt. So naturally, I eventually switched to eating only raw foods.

Eating lots of dark leafy green vegetables is a very important part of this anti-aging raw food process.

2. Vigorous Exercise

Radiant Health and Fitness Coach Roger Haeske

This is the next most important factor. If you want to stay young you have to use it or lose it. Of course, you can always get “it” back.

I suggest training with my Lightning Speed Fitness Program and getting the Instant Energy Exercises Program when it comes out in the near future. Those programs will make you feel young again and dramatically boost your energy levels.

3. Get Plenty of Sleep

If you want to look great and feel great, you can’t skimp on your beauty sleep. Sleep is the time when your body repairs itself.

Sleep is like having a mechanic work on your car. You wouldn’t let your mechanic do only ¾ of the job. So allow your inner mechanic to do his or her job and make sure to sleep until you don’t feel tired.

If you’re health is your highest priority, then you’ll find a way to get enough sleep. There are very few good excuses for not getting enough sleep.

4. Be Happy

Living a happy and relatively stress free life is so important. If you feel constantly under pressure then how can you be happy. I feel that happiness and relaxation are anti-aging in their effects on you.

A daily spiritual exercise or meditation can get you on the right track. Find a way to overcome your fears. Fear is the enemy of happiness.

I know I’ve had many fears in my life. I can tell you it feels much better when you overcome those fears. If you have a fear or a problem I suggest you try my Magic Questions technique.

You can get it emailed to you if you sign up for the autoresponder on this page.

So these are the main factors I feel that have helped to keep me young. May you start using these in your life as well.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske